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Islamic Fundamentalism


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Islamic Fundamentalism

By Mohammad Mohaddessin

Islamic Fundamentalism is an affirmation of the wisdom of the Quran and the Prophet Muhammad. It describes, however, the dire effects of fundamentalism fed by the frenzy of the ayatollahs of Iran, beginning with Khomeini.

“Khomeini’s reactionary ideology is based upon ignorance and repression. When struck with the rays of awareness, it melts like snow… the struggle in Iran is between a reactionary distortion of Islam and an Islam the advocate’s awareness and freedom… in this confrontation, democratic and liberating Islam will doubtless triumph.”

—- Massoud Rajavi, The Iranian Resistance’s Leader

(called by Khomeini his “greatest enemy”)


“The author takes you inside the pillars of Khomeini’s rule, inside the ‘whys’ and ‘ways’ of the export of Islamic fundamentalism, inside the terrorist networks. It is a carefully footnoted book, and a valuable one that can be used well by scholars of the situation and by people who simply want to know more about one of the most important syndromes of our times. I know of no other study like it in terms of depth and interpretation.”

—- From the foreword by Georgie Anne Geyer

Nationally Syndicated Columninst


Mohammad Mohadessin is an veteran member of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran and, since 1993, has chaired the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran.

Mohaddessin has written extensively on political and religious issues in Iran and throughout the region. In addition to dozens of articles and essays, he has authored several books, including Democracy Betrayed, An Unethical Policy, Appeasing Tehran’s Mullahs, and Legacy of a Misguided Policy.  

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